Why Research?

In November, it is time to think of all things pumpkin! From pumpkin patches, to pumpkin pie, it is favorite time of year for many.

For others, it is time to start planning heading back to the statehouse for the next legislative session. Meetings are held to set up the legislative agenda for next year, decisions on priorities are made, and plans made for days on the hill to speak to legislators.

Often one thing that is missed is the research!

Many people want to change a rule, policy or law without doing due diligence to find out why it exists in the first place. They don’t ask questions as to how the policy came to be or who might care if it changed.

They don’t check to see if anyone else might care about the same issue or even who might speak in opposition.

Before you get ready to move your message forward, do your research!

So you have a great idea, where should you begin?

Well, I would start to figure out if it is a rule, a law or something else that you want to change.

If it is indeed a law, talking to legislators makes sense.

But first, are there any workgroups working on the issue? Are there any reports written about your idea to find out what others recommended? Are there any other people working on a similar path?

These are just some ideas to get you started.

Download my checklist and tutorial here to save time and make progress on your good idea!

You can dive into research on your own and learn the background to move your message. But if you want to go faster, let me help! My checklist will get you ready for the session in no time.