The Key to Self Care

Let's take a look back about the number one thing that you can do to help you with your sleep and that is the most important thing to be dealing with your self-care. If you do not help yourself with sleep, everything else that you try to do for self-care isn't really gonna matter.
Think about this: If you haven't slept well, can you really work out to your full potential? Can you get the exercise that you need or maybe the recovery you need after you work out if your body needs that time to sleep? What about trying to eat right? It does help you with self-care. Eating nutritionally I mean. When I'm exhausted I don't really feel like eating salad. If I'm exhausted, I go so sleep.

It is the key to self-care.

Have you ever heard of the word lynchpin? Linchpin is a word in the dictionary it says it's a person or a vital thing to an enterprise organ or an organization. It's also the pen that goes through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position. It's that pin that without it, the wheel falls off. And that's sleep. If you don't have a good sleep routine, and don't have a good process for sleep, the wheels fall off. With self-care you can try to meditate and you'll fall asleep during the middle of it, you will try to exercise and just be exhausted and so sleep is the key to to all other self-care and if your sleep isn't right, the rest of the things are going to go down. So I have had a great relationship with sleep. So sleep has been the vital thing that's kept me going.

All that stuff that we're trying to do with self-care really doesn't matter if you're not getting enough rest. In this video, there's a few myths about sleep that you may be hearing that may not be correct and then it talks about some basic tips to get you started on a good routine if you don't have one. Check this video again and be reminded why is sleep the number one key to self-care. If you don't have a good bedtime, wake-up time, sleep hygiene, if none of that sounds what you know about, then I want to offer you my sleep routine that I have created just for you.


Again, If you need a quick guide to get started for a better night’s sleep, download Your Good Night’s Sleep here. It's waiting for you!