Thanks For Serving!

Veterans Day in America is a day that we celebrate and appreciate those who served in the military in times of war. 

I come from a long line of veterans and married into a military family. My husband was born on an Airforce base and served in the Airforce himself. I remember fondly my few years as a military wife as we lived on a base in New Mexico.

Not all veteran families are as lucky as we were. Many have faced trauma and loss. War often leaves behind battle scars and wounds we cannot see. Many need psychological services for brain injuries and mental health issues caused during their service.

For those who need help, we fight every day to improve systems and policies to  help. 

Research indicates in America, we have almost 40,000 veterans homeless on any given night. The reasons for homelessness range from isolation, PTSD, unemployment and substance use. 

We can do better!

This week’s video talks about building coalitions.

To change issues like homelessness of veterans and get them the mental health and substance use treatment they need, we will need a coalition. 

The issue is bigger than one person.

3 things to consider:

How do you know who should be on the team?

How do you know who should be the messenger?

Are you sure it is you?

Let’s work together to build healthier policies for veterans and all of us!