Focus on the Human Services Budget Bill

Super excited to be here talking to you today about an amazing bill that passed the human services budget and you're thinking we pass a budget every year why is this one so great.
Well let me tell you there's a couple reasons why it's great. I'm going to talk a little bit about what's in it plus for this group the licensing component.

We want to talk about today why do we care about the human services budget and why was it amazing this year.

First of all there's a good reason that this bill is great this year one of those reasons that it's so good is because we had all the federal dollars that came down into our state during the pandemic that gave us extra funding available that typically goes into medicaid budgets, education budgets and other places so that put more money on the table to actually put into things like human services to put into the property tax bill that we've already talked about in detail. But to move the mental health system off of property taxes, we needed a cash flow to do that and so this year because of federal funding, we were able to have extra dollars available to us.

Those are the reasons why we had such a great budget this year. A lot of things got put into the budget:

1. Workforce
2. Services that needed to be expanded
3. Licensing piece

We are going to break down those 3 pieces in the video below:

As things improve, there are ways to do your job more efficiently and more effectively but sometimes policy gets in the way.

So when we here talk about making mental health healthier, those are some of the things we're talking about. What are some of those things that are getting in your way of doing the job that you want to do?

Hope we can hear from you and continue to see whether we need to change rules or change the law sometimes to get things that work better for you so that you can do your job.

I'm going to always remind you that our own self-care matters. If we don't take care of ourselves we're going to burn out.

You can communicate with us about your needs for policy changes to make mental health healthier. Email me or subscribe for more updates.