Are You For Real?

When I said I wanted to run for political office to change the mental health system in my state, I was met with “nobody runs to do that.” 

I meant it, and I did not want to run for any other reason. If I wasn’t going to change a broken system that impacted me and my foster children, then I wasn’t running.

Running to change the system was my message over a decade ago. Well before it was popular to talk about it. In fact, very few did. And fewer agreed with my ideas. 

I found out really quickly who liked me and who didn’t. That was my message. And I wasn’t backing down.

Being authentic.

It  is defined as “being of undisputed origin, genuine”

It is not as easy as it sounds. Or is it?

Unfortunately, it can take people a long time to decide that it is worth it to be real.

Why do we waste so much time being something we aren’t?

Many times the answer is “to fit in.” Or as in my case, “to get elected!”

Life gets really easy when we discover that it is OK not to fit in.

In fact, we are not everyone’s cup of tea. We never were. We never will be.

We are not designed for everyone to love us.

However, we are designed to be unique, to be the one of a kind person God made us to be.

Living a life as a copy of someone else is exhausting. And cannot be maintained forever.

When you are working on changing something that is important to you. It will require you finding your voice. For you to be able to sell it to others, get others to believe in your message, it must be real. 

As soon as I got elected, people looked at me as someone who knew about mental health. I dove in to learn even more in that season. The more I learned, the more I knew that change was desperately needed, 

Changing policies takes time, if you are just making it up as you go, you either won’t remember what you have said, or will forget why it matters in the first place.

Before you set out to make a change, make sure you know and believe what you are selling.

Had I not truly believed that change was possible and dove in 100% with all the effort I had to give, we may still have a 99 county system-each doing their own thing and not funding needed services for anyone!

Although the policy change came in 4 years, the funding took almost 8 years more. 

It will take time. Do you have what it takes to go the distance?

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Together, we can make healthier changes that our community needs.