Advancing Mental Health Awareness and Policy


When I began my career as a licensed mental health therapist more than 20 years ago, very few people talked about mental health needs in our country—let alone Iowa.

Today, discussions of mental health challenges for families, providers, businesses, law enforcement and state agencies reverberate in every news outlet, on social media and in our everyday conversations. It’s a critical challenge for policymakers—from county courthouses to the White House. And it’s a dominant topic at Iowa’s statehouse—and in state governments across America.

Despite intense public interest, it’s difficult to get meaningful, relevant and trusted mental health information. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of information. But people writing the laws might as well be speaking a different language than those trying to work under them.

As a mental health professional and a former state legislator, I am uniquely qualified to help mental health service providers navigate the complexities of Iowa’s system.

I know the code because I helped write it, and I know who to engage when a policy should be changed or needs clarification.

I’ve supported numerous service providers with challenging issues. I’ve also consulted for state government agencies to optimize their mental health services. If you need help getting unstuck in your practice or establishing a new approach for your health system, schedule a call with me today.


Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association Bipartisan Leadership Award
Iowa Hospital Association 2012 Legislator of the Year
Iowa Health Care Association Outstanding Service Award
Iowa Physician Assistant Society Legislator of the Year
The Council of State Governments Henry Toll Fellowship Award

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